Ada Bon HODL As a Service and Secure Your Ada For The Future!

Simple and streamlined process to purchase Cardano with the option to lock it for user specified amount of time.


Problem Statement

Gifting crypto is currently a high touch process. The general population avoids the crypto market due to the complexity of the domain and the overwhelming differences between exchanges. Hence, the space is in need of a “set it and forget it” way to build wealth. (Note the popularity of index funds in the traditional stock market)



ADA Bon is a streamlined protocol to purchase ADA which is automatically staked. Optionally, users can also apply a smart contract to lock the tokens until a user specified date. (Gifting ADA to a family member who should not withdraw until they are older, for example)


Target Market Emotional Investors & New Investors

ADA Bon will target individuals in the US crypto market who would benefit from a streamlined purchasing and gifting process of ADA tokens. Profits would be derived from stake pool offering(SPO) fees for the ADA staked.

Additionally, investors who intend to hold assets long term are sometimes swayed by various factors. Using smart contracts to lock the assets could aid emotional investor in staying the course. In turn, ADA Bon earns rewards from SPO fees.

Ada Bon Product


Simple and streamlined process to purchase Cardano with the option to lock it for a user specified duration. During this period, the smart contract will not validate until the specified date has passed.

Profit Model: Profits in early stage will be staking fees derived from the Cardano staked

Technology: Stake Pool + Wallet running on Google Kubernetes Engine (Ticker: .ADB)

Web stack: Next.js hosted on Vercel which handles both frontend and backend