Bora Finance Unlock a World of Financial Instruments for those that need it most


Our Mission An African based startup on a mission to Disrupt Traditional Finance.

The traditional finance system has left billions behind, our vision is to build a new inclusive financial ecosystem for those that need it most.

The Problem Traditional finance is outdated and exclusionary. More than 2 billion adults lacks access to basic financial services.

No Reliable Store of Value

Lack of access to basic savings and credit platforms

Difficult or no Access to Insurance

Lack of access to basic asset and life insurance

Difficult or no Access to Loans

Live in a cash economy with credit extension from friends and family

No Investment Tools

Lack of access to investment platforms and new growth opportunities

Unreliable Payment Networks

Old, slow and expensive Payment networks

The Solution Bora Finance

The Bora Finance DApp will be build on the Cardano blockchain to leverage its low transaction cost and high transactions per second. Bora Finance will proactively work with regulators to ensure its products and users remain 100% compliant.

The platform aims to offer full-stack services including Capital Onboarding, Capital Formation and Capital Deployment.



List out some of the project key deliverables here in this location.

2021 Q3

  • MVP Development
  • ADA Goguen Launch

2021 Q4

  • Token Generation Event
  • Product Testing
  • Launch of platform v1.0

2022 Q1

  • Launch of platform v2.0
  • Product Development and Testing

2022 Q2

  • Launch of platform v3.0
  • Product Development and Testing