Explore the world and capture discount vouchers in the form of NFTs


Our Mission Explorie gamifies NFT and real world exploration

It works similar to the viral game “Pokemon go”, where players venture outside to capture Pokemons. In Explorie, players capture NFTs instead. These NFT can be in the form of discount vouchers minted by businesses for promotional purposes.

Why NFTs?


NFTs are unique and non-fungible. This gives serval advantages over traditional coupons and vouchers. The transaction of coupons can be easily tracked by anyone, giving transparency to the people.


The digital nature of NFTs solves the problem of physical damage faced by holders of paper vouchers. NFTs can also be easily traded on the market unlike electronic vouchers.


NFTs can be in the form of unique digital images. The unique nature of each images gives rise to collectible vouchers. Businesses can issue limited edition vouchers. They can also partner with artists to create these NFTs.




Q3 2021

  • Form team
  • Develop MVP
  • Participate in HackCardano

Q4 2021

  • Beta testing of MVP
  • Marketing campaign to attract businesses

Q2 2022

  • Bug bounty program
  • Release of app
  • Onboarding of businesses

Q2 2022

  • Development for collectable/art NFTs
  • Development for Peer-to-peer NFT marketplace

Q3 2022

  • Crosschain integration