A liquidity protocol for secure undercollateralized margin

Marnotaur Features

Leveraged Trading

Marnotaur taps into both order books and automated market makers to provide 5x leveraged long or short positions on assets.

Leveraged Farming

Marnotaur improves farming by introducing under-collateralized access to liquidity farmers, allowing them to farm with multiplied wealth.

Maximum Leverage

Flash loans can be easily deployed to the retail market and developers.

Fees Structure

  • Trading: 5 basis points (0.05%) per leveraged trade
  • Farming: Fees are incurred on surplus farming rewards earned from provisioned margin in leveraged farming.
  • Flash Loans: 25 basis points are applied to flash loans

Token Economy

Staking Rewards

Stakers earn a portion of the protocol’s fees

Fee Discounts

Protocol users who do not hold network tokens incur higher fees

Token Liquidity

A portion of the protocol fees are delegated to support token liquidity on secondary markets


Stakers are able to submit and vote on proposals for protocol development and decisions.