Game developers face oversaturation and competition from free-to-play games, and need to encourage in-app purchases to boost revenue.

No perceived ownership

No perceived ownership: Players don’t take custody of in-app purchases, limiting their freedom to demand their benefits and their ownership.

Limited potential for future use

Limited potential for future use: Traditional in-app purchases are hard to take with you across platforms and games.


Make money

Game developers raise the value of their in-app purchases and increase sales.

Invite others to increase your value

NFT tokens can be freely tied into future generations of games and in multiversic cross collaborations.

Boost loyalty

Give content creators, gamers, and streamers ways to create a healthy ecosystem around your game.

Token Utility and Use Cases

Superfans NFT In-game collectible swag and content.
Early Adopter NFT Fee reductions, access to more exclusive NFTs.
User-Input Dependent NFT In-game customizations. (skins, personalized modifications)
User-independent NFT Unique/generic in-game loot, items and accessories.