Publish Anywhere, Grow Everywhere A New Market for Digital Assets



Distributors and content creators lack good solutions to market, monetize their works and are protect their digital goods from piracy. Consumers demand better streaming platforms in order to create personalized collections of movies and music with superior UX/UI.



Digital files encrypted and licensed via NFT tokens to protect the files from piracy. The NFT tokens can be bought sold and transferred securely as well as gamified to increase engagement. Smart contract affiliate links provide a way to engage marketing partners. Decentralized marketplaces remove middlemen and allow trading of these digital assets.


NFTs, Gamification & Ownership Incentives

Customers are incentivized to own digital media instead of just streaming the content. Publishers can gamify their NFTs by providing access to exclusive interviews, events and VIP passes. Every token will be unique and rare prizes/collectibles may be assigned to random tokens as they are sold. This creates a gamified atmosphere where collectors may be incentivized to buy more copies of the NFT.


PAARKA is partnered with PLEX, EMBY and other media management platforms to provide its community the best user interface.

Plex reads basic metadata of a film (in the form of an encrypted file) and generate details like ratings, cast, seasons, episode information etc. Users can also search for content by actor, year, season and genre to rediscover classics in their collection.



03 2021 Desktop MVP

  • New Desktop MVP
  • Alpha launche on Rinkeby Testnet

04 2021 UI/UX Desktop Updates

  • Alpha version with updated UI/UX

08 2021

  • Credit card integration
  • Cardano payment demo

Q3 2021 Cardano NFT minting

  • Affiliate partnership
  • Platform functions completed

Q1 2022 Beta Version Release

  • Web launch on mainnet
  • Onboarding begins