Why Pinchot Crowd?

Pinchot Crowd aims to solve Wildlife Poaching Paradox by making biodiversity conservation more transparent, ensuring communities involved in conservation activities are appropriately compensated. The protocol provides a transparent crowdfunding platform on the blockchain for organizations and individuals to give or receive funds for biodiversity conservation activities.

Accelerating Biodiversity Conservation Activities $COINT (Conservation Point) or ADA (Cardano) will be the currencies used on the platform.

Loyalty Distribution via Smart Contracts

A campaign/project that involves multiple stakeholders will distribute a predetermined percentage of the total raise to contributors. Transactions will be publicly available on the blockchain.

Dynamic Milestone Funding via Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offerings (DAICO)

A campaign or project that has multiple milestones will only receive funding for each milestone if contributors agree that requirements have been met.

Species Symbolic Adoption via Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs)

A campaign or project that involves promising certain interaction with a species will allow funders to digitally interact with the specific species per the proposed interactions to monitor its condition.


Q4 2021

  • Improve design for landing page
  • Web app, mobile app and wallet
  • Infrastructure architecture
  • Listing potential organizations and influencers
  • Finalizing first round of funding

Q1 2022

  • Launch of mobile app with only wallet feature
  • First round of funding
  • Web app with loyalty distribution
  • Block explorer

Q2 2022

  • Mobile App with loyalty distribution feature
  • Web app dynamic milestone funding

Q3 2022

  • Mobile app dynamic milestone funding
  • Web app species symbolic adoption

Q4 2022

  • Mobile App Species Symbolic Adoption