Win-Win Dispute Resolution on Cardano.

Win -Win aims to help mediators make the world a better place.


The dispute resolution space suffers from an antiquated reputation model, ethical dilemmas, and little use of helpful technology.
Ethical mediators don’t have repeat clients

As the DevOps of Conflict Resolution, mediation helps parties to solve not only their acute, but also future disputes. Good for the world, but bad for business.

Trusting credentials

Parties cannot easily verify Mediators’ credentials.

Mediation process slow to start

Conflicting parties do not have months to start the mediation process when they are ready to kill each other.

Refund/payment guarantees

Mediators may favor the party who pays there fees first. Mediators sometimes have to run after their money. Parties have no refund guarantees on a no-show by the mediator.


Win -Win aims to help mediators make the world a better place

Universities, and peacebuilding organizations verify their graduates on Cardano. Parties have access to professional mediators.


Parties find mediators specialized for their case instantaneously through our dApp. Clients flow to qualified mediators.

No-Hassle Payment

Refunds and payments are handled by a smart contract.

Who Win-Win Is For

These are our target users for 2021

Universities with suitable programs certify their mediators on Cardano. The department of Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peacebuilding at California State University, Dominguez-Hills already commited to certify alumni and graduates going forward.


Professional mediators who excel in online dispute resolution. Several mediators are currently being interviewed for user research.

2021 Roadmap


  • User research
  • Prototyping
    • Web interface
    • PAB
    • Smart Contracts


  • Launch on mainnet
  • Token minting
  • Onboard CSUDH
  • Onboard mediators


  • Mobile apps
    • Android
    • iOS
  • Adding two more universities
  • Adding two mediation associations